Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December 1, 1945

1 _____ The gang being transferred from the ship are all packing _ well get in tomorrow afternoon at 1600 so tonight well be my last night at sea. Its been a long cruise but its been a lot of fun _ If every thing goes alright I alto be heading home in 14 days.

Photo shows part of the Mobile's Welcome Home festivities.

This is Joe's final entry. In the phrase "its been a lot of fun" above, a word is crossed out after "been." I've always wondered exactly what he started to write instead. I honestly don't think this was said in sarcasm. I think by "fun" he meant the friendships he made on board and the exotic places he'd seen. Still, an odd thing to write at the end of a war.

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Michelle Manley Caez said...

this has been so fascinating Elena...thank you for sharing....