Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November 30, 1945

30 _____ time went ahead another hour at 1900 _ we now only have one day & a half left _ this alto be my last trip _ Ill be off by the 15 of Dec.
_____ At 0830 this morning they passed out souvanirs _ All the crew got Jap rifles & about 200 got knife also. Not much work being done on the ship _ weather is getting very nice _ we must be pertty far south.

alto = ought to

souvanirs = souvenirs. Joe didn't bring home rifle, but he did bring home 2 Japanese swords, so possibly he swapped his rifle for them. His family disposed of the swords when his Post-Traumatic Stress became acute, because they were afraid he'd hurt himself or someone else.

pertty = pretty

Photo is of the Mobile docking in San Diego.

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